Chichi BismarckIT is one of the most popular choruses sung by women:
Samadzimai emuZimbabwe
Takamirira zvakaoma

Hazvina mhosva nyange zvorema
Takamirira zvakaoma
Kurema, kurema kwazvo
Kunoda, kunoda madzimai!
(As Zimbabwe women, we endure difficulties. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation might be; we will endure. When it really gets tough, you need women to intercede).
This is how best this writer can explain the exuberance and tough talking by Mrs Priscilla Wazara, early this week, when she spoke to this writer about the Threshing Floor Women’s Prayer Conference on April 9.
The one-day prayer and fasting conference will be held at the Faith Ministries’ Borrowdale Community Church in Harare from 8am to 4pm.
This is a call to fast and pray for the nation, organised by facilitators who include Mrs Wazara (Faith Ministries); Pastor Chichi Bismarck (New Life Covenant Church) and Ms Alice Mutema also of New Life Covenant Church.
They have taken the call to both the print and electronic media, and have also created a Facebook page on the Internet specifically for that.
According to the background information, which has also been posted on their Facebook site, “Women play a vital role in our society and as Christian women our role is pivotal as wives, mothers and career women. We have a role to play.
“The Threshing Floor Women’s Prayer Conference comes at a time when the seasons have changed and it’s a season where the women are being called to intercede for their nation Zimbabwe in line with the 1998 Cindy Jacobs prophecy over Zimbabwe.”
The conference is led by Pastor Shingi Munyeza of Faith Ministries and its mandate is to fulfil Cindy Jacobs’s prophecy over Zimbabwe, and, Mrs Wazara also said that this will also include all prophecy on the nation by other prophets.
The writer asked why they were focusing on the Cindy Jacobs prophecy and Mrs Wazara said, “Cindy Jacobs is a prophetess from the United States, and in 1998, a team of women travelled from Zimbabwe to the Guatemala Prayer Conference, and there at that conference, she (Jacobs) received a word from the Lord on Zimbabwe.
“She said, I’ve never been to Zimbabwe, and are there any people from Zimbabwe?
“I was not amongst them, but there were some ladies from our church (Celebration Church then) who went and were given the prophetic word where she said that Zimbabwe shall once again become the bread basket of Africa, and that we are not to worry about the negative things that are currently going on; and that God was going to raise up an army of women with the Deborah anointing in prayer and intercession.”
The facilitation group also says, “The threshing floor is a place of travail, transformation or transition. Simply put it’s a place of change or exchange.
“The Threshing Floor Prayer conference is to bring women from all walks of life in line with the Cindy Jacobs prophecy over Zimbabwe.
“This spoke of women with the Deborah anointing as a formidable force to pray for the nation in accordance with God’s purposes and plans for Zimbabwe.”
Mrs Wazara elucidated, “The ‘threshing floor’ is where the process of beating or separating the unwanted from the wanted takes place.
“In other words it’s a place of change, exchange or transformation. In Bible times threshing was a time or season of harvest.
“This is where the false tares and grain were separated from the wheat through pounding. This place of threshing is a place of sacrifice. (2 Samuel 24: 18-24).
“It’s also a place of governance (1 kings 22:10); and it’s also a place of blessing and abundance (Joel 2:24. In our lives today it’s a place of travail (Micah 4: 9-12), where we enforce God’s order for a nation or individual through prayer and intercession.”
The facilitators also say that “Now is the time for us to declare and prophesy over Zimbabwe and we will see God ascertain things (Isaiah 60: 1)”.Priscilla Wazara
Focus and key scriptures for the conference will be Micah 4 and Isaiah 60.
The facilitators also said that the conference is a prophetic act, which would set a divine order and enforce it through intercessory prayer by speaking positive declarations and decrees over Zimbabwe.
“We can change our world by speaking the word of God over it as we do it in faith, believing that it shall be established according to our faith. (Hebrews 11: 6. Can a nation be born in a day? Yes it can! (Isaiah 66: 7-10)! Arise woman of god for seasons have changed!
And in doing so we as women must not grow faint in our call to prayer but should continue as we are encouraged to persevere in Isaiah 62:1.
“Let’s encourage one another to speak life into our nation and love Zimbabwe as we carry ourselves as proud Zimbabweans.
“Let us not undo our prayers with negative talk concerning Zimbabwe because this causes us to be double minded people, therefore we will not get a blessing from God!
“But let us arise and have a total paradigm shift as we embrace the change in seasons!” (Isaiah 43: 18-19).
Mrs Wazara said they did not want to complicate the important programme by having speakers, where people would be expected to sit down and be preached to, but they would have facilitators, who will lead each prayer session with prayer pointers.
“There will be no speakers but facilitators: Zimbabwean women of God with the gift of intercessory prophetic prayer such as Pastor Rachel Muchenga of Mysteries of God Global Ministries, Mrs Clarice Ranganai of Faith Ministries, Ms Alice Mutema of New Life Covenant and Pastor Chichi will lead the women to declare, decree and intercede over the nation.
“This will be a day of profound intercessory prayer and worship. The women are being encouraged to fast on the day, drinking water only.
“The programme will start promptly at 8am through to 4pm and we anticipate women from all over to come as they are led by the spirit to participate in this historical event”.
To emphasise the seriousness, Mrs Wazara said that women from all walks of life were welcome to stand in the gap for the nation, so that Zimbabwe is restored to its rightful place. “For the New Testament says the last will be first, and being last in the alphabet is biblical.
While I was writing Mrs Wazara sent a text message saying, “Just so you know what God’s doing.
I was contacted by a lady in the UK and another from the US saying they had heard about the threshing Floor Conference, and have gathered women to fast and pray at the same time as us, in solidarity, because they believe God’s word for Zimbabwe.”
The Cindy Jacobs 1998 prophecy
Below is the full text of Jacobs’ October 30 1998 prophecy on Zimbabwe, which is on a number of Internet websites. The source for this is
“The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe, and I see a powerful torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish. I see that there are strongholds in the church, of division, and the accuser of the brethren is active to discourage souls.
“An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first, and men following.
“I see ancient thrones coming down; reconciliation between black and white, the spirit of racism, which goes back further down to the tribes.
“I will use Zimbabwe like a jewel. She will help feed the world with beautiful produce. God will break the curse that came through civil war . . . the curse will be broken. I know nothing about Zimbabwe.
“The land will produce beautiful beef. New factories will be built. Zimbabwe has a ministry of reconciliation that reunites the African people. The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe.
“Do not be afraid of change. Although it looks like you are going backwards.
“I have a plan for you. Satan thinks he is advancing, but I will expose wickedness at high levels. Do not be afraid. Satan will try to bring war. This army will be used to stop war and bloodshed.
“A treaty will be written with other nations. Zimbabwe will be used like Switzerland to bring the healing of nations to break ancient things.
“Your nation came through trickery, but God will restore it.
“You will be given a piece of land, a beautiful place to pray. You will build a place to watch and pray.
“It will be like a compound with a place to sleep. The Annas will give their lives for intercession. Senior citizens will have places to stay and give their time to pray day and night.”
Interesting times indeed!