What started off at the beginning of the year as an interdenominational prayer group of 10-15 women led by Priscilla Wazara has turned out into an outbreak of prayer for the nation.
I went into the prayer group wanting to seek God for my own personal growth. I had my agenda and prayer shopping list tucked under my arm.
After about two months, Priscilla shared that God had given her a revelation and instruction concerning prayer for the nation based on the Cindy Jacobs prophecy.
As a group, those willing were to assist in hosting a prayer conference, praying for Zimbabwe.
I love my country and occasionally I pray for it, but I was too wrapped up in my own issues to think of making it my mission.
With approximately 30 days to the date we set off, each woman using their gift to plan and prepare to host the conference.
The Friday afternoons that used to be afternoons of personal prayer and ministry soon turned into planning and prayer sessions for the Conference . . . my agenda and prayer shopping list soon disappeared.
God came through in every way as He provided for the needs of the conference. We had gracious sponsors, and Pastor Shingi Munyeza, who is Priscilla’s pastor availed Faith Ministries Borrowdale Church and all its amenities for our use on that day.
As the days drew closer, word spread like wild fire. Women as far as England, United Stated, joined in and committed to pray for the nation . . . just like Cindy Jacob’s prophecy says, ” . . . An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe, with prayer . . . “
All over Zimbabwe it seemed women were also praying. On the day, a 350-strong group of women gathered in one place, with one voice to pray for God’s blessing over our great nation.
Giants like Pastor Chichi Bismark (who released a 27/7 prayer anointing, individuals, homes and communities rising up and praying daily for the nation).
Mrs Mwela led the women in travailing for the rebirth of the nation; Mrs Ranganai released the birth of a new season for the nation and Pastor Petunia Chiriseri released an empowering anointing over the women; Ms Alice Mutema prayed for unity and, Mrs Wazara led the women in repentance concerning accepting unholy practices like adultery in society.
Actually, I cannot even begin to exhaust the happenings of the day . . . All I can say is that this and so much more happened. My life will never be the same. I now carry Zimbabwe closer to my heart than before.
I realise the nation’s prosperity is also my prosperity. Kunaka kwazvo kwanakirawo ini!! I also realise what God can do using a small group of women. You do not need to belong to an organised body, to be known for anything or to have anything – all you need is a good pair of knees and a willing heart. Wherever you are, say a prayer of blessing for Zimbabwe. GOD BLESS Zimbabwe !!!!!!!

By Nyaradzai V Mavindidze extract http://www.herald.co.zw/gods-plans-shouldnt-be-questioned/

April 21 2011